Solar on the farm

In 2009, we brought our first solar installation online. It was always in the plans but finally made the leap. The grid-tied system delivered 5 kW peak output and made a noticeable dent in our electric bill. In 2015, we added another 8.5 kW to our house roof. The combined solar output now provides us with no electric bill for most months out of the year.

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A bountiful garden

We live on a small 7 acre farm which provides more than enough room for us and the goats. There is about 4 acres of native grass pasture which provides fresh forage for the goats as well as hay for the winter. We grow crops especially for the goats (squash, mangels and turnips). We also have a large vegetable garden for our needs and the excess goes to the goats.

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Nothing goes to waste

The goats produce an amazing amount of manure mixed with their straw bedding.  Barn cleanings are frequent and the manure is piled up to compost.  This compost is put back on the gardens and spread on the pasture.  We use no commercial fertilizers.