The journey from city to farm life

It was the 1960s in Los Angeles, graduated from college, counter culture, back to nature and looking to make our "Escape from Los Angeles" for greener pastures. With everything we owned packed into the 1964 Econoline, we hit the road and didn't look back


Escape from LA

It was a scary choice and my parents weren't thrilled about it.  But there was no turning back.


First Goats

We found a small farm to rent west of Eugene, OR. Our back to the country adventure begins with chickens, pigs and of course goats.


Kidding Season

Our daughter, Melissa June was born shortly after this photo.  Family started.


A Farm of Our Own

We found a 7 acre farm in Marion, OR and moved family and animals. . We are still living in the same place.


Our First Herd Sire

We purchased our first purebred Alpine sire as a kid in 1979. Hill N Holler Starbuck was the original father of the Missdee's French Alpine dairy goat herd. Son, Adam, is the handler.


First Goat Show

We went to our first goat show on May 18, 1980.  We don't remember how the goats placed but it was definitely memorable in another way.


Icing on the Cake

We went down to visit Sheila Nixon and came back with a buck kid, Nixon's Ranchman. The rest was history...


GCH Missdee's Nell

Nell was RGCH and Best Udder of Breed at the 1991 National Show in Gillette, WY.


GCH Missdee's Nadiya

Nadiya, daughter of Missdee's Nell was the Grand Champion Alpine at the 1995 National Show in Salem, OR.  She was a natural.

1995 to Present

To Be Continued

We will add to the timeline later